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Kadisha Culpepper successfully defended her Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, working with our faculty member Dr. Natalie Arnett. Congratulations, Dr. Culpepper!


Picture (left to right): Dr. Senevirathne, Dr. Esker (VT), Dr. Mateeva, Dr. Dangi, Dr. Desmukh (VT), Dr. Roman (VT), Dr. Welborn (VT) & Dr. Arnett.

As part of National Science Foundation grant activity, various chemistry faculties visited Virginia Tech on July 25 & 26. While Dr. Mateeva, Dr. Arnett (PI), Dr. Senevirathne and Dr. Dangi presented at the meeting, Dr. Edwards made a virtual appearance. Discussions were held between FAMU and Virginia Tech faculties about collaborations and strengthening research activities at FAMU. 



Chemistry Department Annual Banquet


Our Annual department banquet was held on 4/27/2022, organized by the Rattler Association of Chemists. Several faculty and graduating seniors attended this dinner event. Graduating students spoke about their experience at FAMU, and their future plans while faculty members applauded student achievments and wished students best for their future. 



Summer Undergraduate Research Opportunity at Virginia Tech

This is the link to the Summer Undergraduate Research Opportunity at VT that was discussed in the lecture series.  If you have students that may be interested, please have them apply. The deadline is Feb 21 and the summer stipend is 3K with food, lodging, and travel (possibly) included.  They also get GRE prep every Wed throughout the summer.


Grad recruitment


This year's Capital Regional Science and Engineering Fair was held physically at the Tucker civic center on Friday, 2/4/2022. Several faculties from the Chemistry department participated in judging the middle and high school science projects. Drs. Lyles, Eyunni, and Dangi volunteered their judging time while Dr. Dangi also helped in several prizes for chemistry projects sponsored by the Florida section of the American Chemical Society. Dr. Amy McKenna of the National mag lab and Dr. Dangi organized prize and certificate distribution to the winning students.