The Full Story

FAMU+DRS PREP is an innovative and unique pre-college program provided by the Florida A&M University. Our program is designed to engage students in math and science through fun and interactive activities that will prepare them for their college future. This future includes understanding and using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence models to solve real world problems. We believe that through education, students can transform their lives and the world around them. The FAMU+DRS PREP program focuses on providing a challenging and rigorous curriculum that prepares students for the digital wave.

Meet the Director

I am Dr. Erdell Maurice, a passionate educator with a Ph.D. in Mathematics Education. For over 15 years, I have dedicated myself to the field of teaching, working alongside students to cultivate a deep understanding and appreciation for the world of mathematics. Currently, I have the privilege of teaching mathematics at FAMU, where my commitment to fostering individual success and embracing a personalized approach to learning is at the core of my educational philosophy.

Believing in the transformative power of education, I meet students where they are, guiding them towards a positive future in STEM. My expertise extends beyond the realm of traditional mathematics, encompassing areas such as programming, website development, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. This diverse background allows me to offer a holistic perspective, ensuring that each individual's unique strengths and interests are recognized and nurtured.

I am not merely an instructor; I am a facilitator of growth, dedicated to seeing every student thrive in their academic journey. My vision is for everyone who enters the program to experience substantial growth in their STEM pursuits. I look forward to getting to know each person who joins our academic community and am excited about the collective success that awaits us.

Welcome to a journey of knowledge, exploration, and limitless possibilities.

Best regards,

Dr. Erdell Maurice



College of Sciences and Technology Florida A&M University​
University Commons 105
1601 S Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Tallahassee, FL 32307

This work is supported by the NTIA/CMC BUILDING DIGITAL PATHWAYS TO PROSPERITY: Data Science K-20 [Grant number 12-09-C13057]