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About Mathematical Sciences

Applied mathematics is the application of mathematical methods to real world problems. It is applied to such fields as physics, engineering, medicine, biology, business, computer science, and industry. It may be used to address many global issues such as making solar energy economical, engineering better medicines, controlling emerging diseases, making decisions on fair policymaking, controlling organized crime networks, and reverse global warming. Applied mathematicians are employed in businesses, industries, national scientific laboratories, etc. They are employed in academia as professors who may also collaborate with businesses and industries on research projects. Download a copy of the Math Science Track.


Most common career pathway with a degree in Mathematical Science


Mathematics Sciences Track

Freshman Year - FALL [16 hrs]

Course Name Hours
ENC 1101 Freshman Communication Skills I 3
MAC 2311 Calculus I 4
AMH 2091 Introduction to African American History 3
  Humanities Elective 3
  Social Science Elective 3

Freshman Year - SPRING [16 hrs]

Course Name Hours
ENC 1102 Freshman Communication Skills II 3
COP 2221 Programming in C Language 3
MAC 2312 Calculus II 4
SPC 2600 Public Speaking 3
  Humanities Elective 3



Sophomore Year - FALL [15 hrs]

Course Name Hours
MAC 2313 Calculus III 5
STA 3034 Mathematical Statistics (fall only) 3
MAS 3105 Linear Algebra 3
  Approved Sciences Sequence* 4

Sophomore Year - SPRING [13 hrs]

Course Name Hours
MHF 4202 Foundations of Mathematics (spring only) 3
MAP 2302 Differential Equations 3
  Elective 3
  Approved Sciences Sequence* 4



Junior Year - FALL [15 hrs]

Course Name Hours
MAD 3401 Numerical Analysis (fall only) 3
  Electives 12

Junior Year - SPRING [15 hrs]

Course Name Hours
MAS 4301 Abstract Algebra I (spring only) 3
MAA 4402 Complex Variables (spring only) 3
  Electives 9




Senior Year - FALL [15 hrs]

Course Name Hours
MAA 4211 Advanced Calculus I (fall only) 3
  Electives* 12

Senior Year - SPRING [ 15 hrs]

Course Name Hours
MAT 4937 Pro-Seminar in Math 3
  Mathematical Sciences Elective** 3
  Electives 9

*Approved Science sequences:

General biology (BSC 1010/L, BSC 1011/L)
General chemistry (CHM 1045/L, CHM 1046/L)  or
General physics (PHY 2048/L, PHY 2049/L)

*Approved mATHEMaTICAL Science eLECTIVES:

MAP 4103 Mathematical Modeling (spring only)
MAA 4212 Advanced Calculus II (spring only)