Minors & Certificates

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Minors and Certificates
By minoring in something you are going above and beyond the bare minimum. When you're searching for jobs after graduation, that effort can impress potential employers. Having a minor in an area relevant to them is an extra bonus.

The Florida A&M University CST Department of Computer & Information Sciences offers a variety of minors and certificates that are designed to help you acquire the skills needed for a successful career in CIS.

Minors and Certificates


This certificate requires proof that COP 3014C – Fundamentals of Programming, has been satisfactorily completed prior to starting the Cybersecurity Certificate program of study



Cybersecurity, Certificate | Course Map (PDF)


Pursuit of a minor in Information Technology requires the approval of the CIS Department chair and completion of the following courses with a grade of “C” or better:

Minor Requirements:

Information Technology, Minor | Course Map (PDF)


The courses offered in the Department of Computer and Information Sciences (CIS) under the Cyber Defense Certificate Program are the primary courses used to satisfy the NSA/DHS designated 22 Cybersecurity related Knowledge Units. These courses provide the education and training for cybersecurity skills that are critical to defending the nation's vital information resources and will prepare students to work in cyber-related professions. The minor in cybersecurity consists of the following courses:


Minor Requirements:

Cybersecurity, Minor | Course Map (PDF)



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