Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems

Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems
The Computer Information Systems degree program is designed for students who plan to apply their computing knowledge in business environments as applications programmers and system analysts. This major is also designed for students who plan to seek advanced degrees in business administration, management, or management information systems.

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  • This program of study leads to a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Systems (IS). The major requires 39 hours of required CIS courses, 9 hours of elective CIS courses, 18 hours of business, 8 hours of laboratory science, 44 hours of general education requirements, including electives outside the major, and up to 2 hours of professional development.
  • This program gives the student a broad knowledge of the application of computer technology to business practices. Core courses provide foundations in programming, data structures, systems analysis.This major incorporates a significant experiential component, involving teamwork and internships.
  • Many courses require students to work in teams to solve technical problems. Teams formulate solutions, present, and defend their work. Students are encouraged to work as corporate interns during the summer. In the capstone course sequence, student teams perform the entire software lifecycle to develop an application for a departmental, university, or corporate client.
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