National Science Foundation Undergraduate Research Experience

This year's Summer 2024 Research Experience Program begins May 26, 2024, and ends Aug 03, 2024.

The National Science Foundation Undergraduate Research Experience
The National Science Foundation Undergraduate Research Experience grant provides eight (8) students with a 10-week summer internship at Florida A&M University. The program and research training will focus on the areas of genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, and bioinformatics. 

The application process is open until April 14, 2024. (application deadline)

This year's Summer 2024 Research Experience Program begins May 26, 2024, and ends Aug 03, 2024.


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This program aims to enhance students' learning experiences in 'systems biology' and to stimulate their interest in graduate studies and careers in STEM fields.

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  • Program Overview

  • In this program, students will be introduced to the concept of conducting research responsibly, followed by problem-based research gathering. Examples of independent projects include: 

  • 1). Determining molecular responses for cross-tolerance mechanism in plants for various abiotic and biotic stresses 

  • 2). Unraveling the disease pathways and networks in model organisms via molecular and cellular studies 

  • 3). Bioinformatics to predict and network model for transcript and protein interactions. 

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  • Program Outcomes

  • Through the Undergraduate Research Experience, students will have the opportunity to attend professional events that provide networking opportunities, which are vital to their development into proficient scientists. Students will have the opportunity to present their conducted research at organized conferences, and will get the opportunity to disseminate in peer-reviewed scientific journals.
  • IMPORTANT! It's imperative that candidates send the application first because:
  •  The information on the application is used as the PRIMARY SOURCE (90%) for choosing  candidates for this internship, not the recommendations or the unofficial transcript (required supporting documents of secondary importance).
  • After all documentation has been evaluated (the application, recommendations and unofficial transcript),  IF two candidates are equally qualified, then the one who submitted his/her application first will be chosen for the position.
  • The contact information on the application is essential for the program director to contact prospective candidates to inform them that they have been chosen (or not) and arrange for an interview that will determine which of the finalists will be chosen as FAMU NSF REU participants.
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  • Candidate Recruitment

  • In terms of candidates, there will be an emphasis on recruiting at least half of the participants that are underrepresented minority students from institutions with limited research facilities.

  • It is anticipated that there will be a total of 24 select students trained in the program.

  • A select panel will interview the candidates via Zoom, and the selected candidates will be notified before before April 30, 2023.

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  • The Application Process: 

  • Interested candidates should submit a filled and signed application form, as well as their unofficial transcript.
  • Candidates should choose two people to recommend them for the program. Each chosen person should fill out a recommendation form and submit them to and within the due date.
  • NSF REU Application
  • NSF REU Recommendation Form

FAMU Dept. of Biological Sciences

PI - Dr. Ramesh Katam |
Co-PI - Dr. Virginia Gottschalk |
1530 MLK Blvd Tallahassee, Florida 32307
(850) 559-3134
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