Mission and Objectives

Mission Statement

The mission of FCC is to promote, coordinate, and implement education, research and innovation in Cyber Defense (CD) and Cyber Security (CS). Participation in FCC research projects and educational endeavors is open to faculty, visiting scholars, undergraduate and graduate students, students from diverse disciplines and underrepresented populations. A specific goal of FCC is to involve undergraduate students in CD and Cyber Security research.


Objectives & Purpose

FCCS exists to:

  • Offer coursework leading to certificates in Cyber Defense (CD) and Cyber Security that align with National Security Agency (NSA)and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) standards as defined by the National Center for Academic Excellence (CAE) Cyber Defense (CD) Program Office
  • Increase minority participation in CD and Cyber Security related careers.
  • Support university initiatives and projects CD and Cyber Security.
  • Establish a program of research in CD and Cyber Security.
  • Serve as a community, regional and national resource for educational institutions, small businesses, and the general population.