About The College of Science and Technology

Our History
On July 1, 2012, Florida A&M University’s (FAMU) College of Arts and Sciences was formally divided into the College of Science and Technology, and the College of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities. The College of Science and Technology houses the following departments:


The College of Science and Technology is dedicated to preparing our students to be scholars and leaders by providing an open atmosphere where students encounter patient and fair individuals who are caring, passionate, and vested in their success. Our faculty will use relevant techniques and pedagogy to strengthen student capability in solving problems independently, thereby producing responsible citizens focused on contributing to science and technology to enhance society.

Faculty & Staff

Support CST

Office of the Dean

  • EvansDeidre W. Evans, Ph.D.
    Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs
  • Pierre Ngnepieba, Ph.D.Pierre Ngnepieba, Ph.D.
    Associate Dean for Undergraduate Activities
  • Richard Long, Ph.D.Richard Long, Ph.D.
    Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Programs

Office of the Dean Team

  • Office of the Dean's Administrative Team

  • Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs:
    Dr. Deidre W. Evans
  • Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Programs:
    Dr. Richard Long
  • Associate Dean for Undergraduate Activities:
    Dr. Pierre Ngnepieba
  • Coordinator, Academic Programs:
    Ms. Novella Franklin
  • Administrative Assistant:
    Mr. O. Nick Dulcio
  • Office Manager:
    Ms. Gloria Williams
  • Assistant Director, Premedical Advisement Program:
    Mr. Fran Scott, M.Ed.
  • Director, Academic Support initiatives:
    Ms. Lisa McClelland, Ed.D.
  • Coordinator of Communications & Recruitment:
    Mr. Frederick Simmons
  • Graduate Coordinator & Title III:
    Ms. Danielle Nicholson
  • Administrative Services Coordinator – HBCU-UP:
    Ms. Alicia Hudson
  • Associate Director - FGLSAMP:
    Mr. J. Byron Greene
  • Director IAIP/Fac. Dev. Coord.:
    Dr. Desmond Stephens
  • CST Data Information Coord.:
    Dr. Ajith Gunaratne
  • Location: 105 University Commons P: (850) 412-5978

  • Department Administrative Teams

  • Department of Biology:
    Dr. Lekan Latinwo, Chair

    Ms. Kathleen Lanier, Office Manager

    211 Jones Hall
    P: (850) 599-3907

  • Department of Chemistry:
    Dr. James Bouyer, Chair

    Ms. Ciara Henderson, Office Manager

    208 Jones Hall
    P: (850) 599-3638

  • Department of Computer and Information Sciences:
    Dr. Idongesit Mkpong-Ruffin, Ph.D.,Chair

    Ms. Myra Gurley, Office Manager

    308 Benjamin Banneker 308 Tech - A
    P: (850) 599-3530

  • Department of Mathematics:
    Dr. Ajith Gunarathne, Interim Chair

    Ms. Bessie Jones, Office Manager

    314 Jackson Davis
    P: (850) 599-3595

  • Department of Physics:
    Dr. Bidhan C. Saha, Chair

    Ms. Sonja Richardson, Office Manager

    111 Jones Hall
    P: (850) 599-3470