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Physics is the study of matter and energy and its interactions, therefore, physics describes the fundamental nature of our reality in this existence. It is the most basic of sciences and the foundation of many aspects of out modern civilization. Look around, you would be hard pressed to find pieces of technology i.e., micro and nanoelectronics, lasers, solar panels, nuclear power plants, as well as medical devices, that were not at one time research tools of, or, examples of some fundamental principles discovered and explored by physicists. As out world continues on its juggernaut of unstoppable technical progress, sustaining economic activity will require increased numbers of individuals educated at higher and higher levels of technical skill. There is no level higher than that of physics, thus studying physics is great preparation for an endeavor that you may desire or undertake. On the other hand, you may just have an insatiable curiosity about how the universe works! Studying physics is the best way to satisfy this curiosity and to prepare for the challenges of the life in the future.


Florida A&M University Department of Physics


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CePaST is home to a highly successful team of faculty, students, and researchers dedicated to new science and novel applications of theoretical, experimental,  computational plasma physics and so much more.

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Student and Alumni Spotlight

For many of our Physics Alumni, graduation was only the beginning. 

Candace Harris is fifth woman to earn Ph.D. from FAMU
Alum, Candace Harris, Ph.D. 2018

Cadace Harris is fifth woman to earn Ph.D. in Physics from FAMU

Alum Mareena R. Robinson
Alum, Mareena R. Snowden, B.S. 2011

30-year-old Mareena Robinson Snowden is the first black woman to earn a PhD in nuclear engineering from MIT

James Titus PhD
Alum, James Titus, Ph.D. 2012

FAMU Alum Dr. James Titus is one of four crewman for the NASA HERA Campaign